Website Images

Website Images

Website images play an important role when creating a web site. Images will…

  • Help improve client conversion rate – If your visitors can associate with your images they will buy your products
  • Make your web site feel real – This is especially true for images that contain people. Your clients will get a sense of a “real” company.
  • Improve the look and feel. A site with only text will not keep visitors at your site for long enough to convince them to purchase your products.
  • Make your site more memorable. People remember images far easier than text. 

Now that you are motivated to invest in good quality website images, where are you going to find images if you don’t have any?

You can download licensed website images from: – We don’t recommend using images from any source unless they are licensed. We do however also like for free page headers (only suitable for page headers).

While you can obtain images from many places, we have found that 123rf are well priced. We recommend that you purchase the “On demand – 20 credits” option.

When browsing for images on their web site, we recommend that you take a sample (Right click image, Save image as…) to see if the image looks good on your web site before purchasing. When you download the image in this manner, it will contain a copyright watermark, but this is good enough to see if the image looks good when loaded onto your web site.

When you are happy with your sample images, you can purchase them. You will normally only need to purchase the “Web Use” images which will cost you 1 or 2 credits.

Website images - License Types

Once you have your website images, you may need to use the Gimp image editor to resize them. Follow the “Gimp image editor” guide for help on this.