Website Hosting Services

Website Hosting Services

A typical hosting company does not offer website services but we do. See our services below before comparing our prices.

Website and Hosting Services

Free WordPress Upgrades to ensure that your website does not need to be re-designed from scratch.  Save yourself from the cost of a full WordPress upgrade. We take care of all the technical details and ensure your website is kept up to date. 

Website backups to ensure that we can always restore your website should your website get hacked due to a stolen password. Host with us for peace of mind and know that your precious website content is safe. We also create off-site backups in case your entire hosting account is hacked.

We will restore your website for free if it gets hacked - Most companies charge for this service and many do not keep offsite backups in the event your entire hosting account is hacked!

Content editing support to help you when updating your website content. The visual designer is easy to use, but sometimes you have an idea that might require our assistance.

Access to our web designers whenever you need to chat about ideas related to your website.

Website and email are stored on high availability hardware to ensure that you have minimal downtime.

Business email accounts to give a professional business image and ensure you can communicate with your clients. We also provide basic email support.