What is the Cost of a Website Designer?

Website designer cost


The cost of a website designer can range between R100 (Junior) to R500 (Senior) per hour. A mid-level web designer will cost, on average, R200 per hour, while the average hourly rate for a junior web designer is R120, and for a senior web designer is R300.

Website Designer Cost Table

Product Name


Web designer hourly rate - Junior

R 120

Web designer hourly rate - Mid level
R 200
Web designer hourly rate - Senior
R 300
Web designer daily rate - Junior
R 960
Web designer daily rate - Mid level
R 1600
Web designer daily rate - Senior
R 2400
Website maintenance cost per month (Included if you host with us. Applies to WordPress plugins and updates only
R 269
Website cost and price range
R 5,499 - R9,499
Web design cost and price
R 5,499
Starter website design price
R 5,499
Advanced website design price
R 7,199
Ecommerce website price
R 9,499
Website development price and cost
R 5,499
Web design pricing and website design cost
R 5,499 - R9,499
R 5,499 - R9,499
Website rate per hour
R 250
Cost to build a website
R 2,500 - 5,499
Website creation cost
R 5,499
WordPress website pricing
R 5,499 - R9,499
5 page website price
R 5499
Average cost of website design for small business
R 5000
Website builder prices. Included in our web design packages
R 0
WordPress hosting cost per month
R 269

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Website Designer

Need a website designer? With the right professional, you can create an attractive and effective website that meets your budget. But before you decide who to hire, it’s important to understand how much a website designer costs and what factors could affect the price.

Define Your Website Goals and Budget

Before searching for a website designer, make sure you understand your website goals, services needed, and desired budget. This will help determine the scope of what you need and how much it could cost. For instance, if you need a simple website with a few pages and basic features, then it may be more affordable than an e-commerce store or corporate website with many pages and custom design elements.

Research Web Designers in Your Niche

Take the time to research website designers who specialize in the type of website you want. Different designers usually have different rates and approaches, so it’s important to get an idea of what is available in your area or region. A great way to search for a suitable designer is by using online reviews and forums where other website owners can give their honest opinion about local web professionals.

Examine the Website Designers Pricing Models

If you find a website designer you’re interested in, it’s important to carefully review their pricing models. Most website designers charge by the hour or project. Hourly rates can range widely, depending on the web professional's skill level and experience. On the other hand, flat-rate packages are typically more cost-effective but they may require upfront payment and limit flexibility while working on a project. Ultimately, selecting the most suitable pricing model can help ensure that you get what you need without going over budget.

Calculate Project Costs Based on Technology Usage

Technology usage plays an essential role in the cost of website design. Certain tools and applications may increase website development costs because they require extra programming or specialized coding. Additionally, designers who use a Content Management System (CMS) may also charge more due to its complexity and user-friendly capabilities. When choosing a website designer, be sure to ask them how their technology choices will affect the project’s budget.

Evaluate the Web Designer's Quality of Work

When evaluating a website designer's quality of work, it is vital to look at their portfolio and recent projects. You want to make sure that their design style is the right fit for your business. It is also important to check for any customer reviews so you can get an understanding for how well they communicate with clients and handle project completion. A good rule of thumb when selecting a website designer is to ensure they have completed quality projects in the past and can deliver on time.

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