A website builder that makes editing content easy

All our website packages come with a visual website builder so that you can edit and maintain your website content easily. We do all the heavy lifting to get your website live. After we have completed our work, you can then easily maintain your website with a simple drag and drop visual designer!

Website builder sample screen shot

Free yourself from using website templates! - Use professional page components that can be styled to create unique websites that don't look like copies.

Website builder - Pick components

1 - Pick page components

The Website builder comes with a wide variety of components that you can drag and drop onto your page.

Website builder - Style components

2 - Style page components

You are free to style the website builder components as needed. Change layout, font, colors, icons, margins and many other settings.

Website builder - Create unique designs

3 - Create unique designs

Place components on your page to create unique designs. Drag and drop text, buttons, images, testimonials, pricing tables and much much more.

Create a website that is truly yours.

"Click to edit" components allow you to easily change your website page design.

Visual Designer

Design pages visually

No need to switch between editor and webpage preview. The way you build your page is the way your visitors will see the page when it is live.

website sample with colors

Background colors & images

Change background colors and images to enhance the appearance of your page. Place text on top of images to create visually appealing web sites.

Website sample with icons


Select from a variety of website builder icons. Style the icons as needed by changing size, colors and position. 

A feature rich website builder.

Create any kind of website you can think of!

website with page sidebars

Page sidebars

Create mobile friendly sidebars that wrap when displayed on mobile devices. The website builder takes care of the technical details for you.

website with image gallery

Image galleries

Display your products or project work with multiple image galleries. You can add text, change thumbnail sizes and images automatically enlarge when clicked.

Website with shopping cart

Shopping cart

Easily add products to your website. Accept payments using PayPal and accept credit cards in multiple currencies. 

Let us take care of the technical details...

A website builder platform geared for business.

Multiple devices

One website for all devices

Build one website that displays correctly on desktop computers, tablets, phones and many other mobile devices.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

The website builder search engine optimisation tools guide you and make suggestions that improve your search engine ranking. 

Website contact form

Contact form with anti-spam

Allow visitors to contact you from your website using a contact form. Our contact forms use the latest anti-spam technology.

Website building tools that support your business

We are here to guide and support your business website. Our tools, support team and help guides ensure your business website is a success.

Website analytics

Website analytics

Website analytics that allow you to understand who your customers are and how they interact with your website.

Email accounts

Email accounts

Create business email accounts that can be synchronized between your office and mobile devices.

Web design tutorials

Member help guides

You are never alone when building your website. Use our online help system or contact our friendly support team.

Design pages visually

Build your website pages easily with professionally designed drag and drop components that can be customized to your needs. The web site builder components can be arranged on your page to create unique page designs. Drag and drop components such as text, images, videos, contact forms and image galleries onto your page to create a website for any type of business.

Our competitive edge over other website builders is that you don't have to switch between editor and preview mode - Our website builder allows you to construct your page live! - This saves you precious time in that you don't have to wait for page refreshes to see your changes.

Our video below illustrates how easy it is to create a web page.

Shadow for website builder video

Background colors and images

Change background color's or create horizontal color bands to highlight important text - Many modern websites use this technique to draw attention to certain text or information. Drag and drop images onto your page, then place text, buttons or any other components on top of your image to create beautiful website pages that will keep your audience engaged!


Select from a wide variety of professional icons that can be enlarged to any size. Icons allow you to add flair to text, menus, buttons and just about anything on your page. Display icons next to each other or use them to bring attention to product features. The decision is yours.

Use icons to highlight product features...

Feature 1

Website builder features such as these are extremely difficult to come by.

Feature 2

Join us and experience a different approach to website building.

Feature 3

You will be amazed at how easy it is to create unique page designs that are as original as you are!

Feature 4

Drag and drop page design could not be easier when using our visual page designer.

Icons can be used in many types of page layouts. Our icons are designed to bring visual impact that will make your visitors want to read on...

Page sidebars

Building a website with page sidebars can be tricky when it comes to mobile devices. You only have a limited amount of space when displaying your website on a smart phone. The website builder platform takes care of these details for you by ensuring sidebars are shifted below the main page content. When your website is displayed on a desktop or laptop computer, page sidebars display next to your main web page content as expected. Why does this matter? - You don't have to maintain multiple websites for each type of device.

Image galleries

Image galleries allow you to show off your project work to prospective clients. Showcasing past projects allows you to gain trust with your website visitors and will improve your conversion rate (Converting visitors to clients). We also provide albums that allow you to group similar images into categories. For example: Wedding decor images, Wedding cake images etc.

Shopping cart

Sell your products and services online and reach markets that you thought were impossible to target.  Our website builder comes with a sophisticated shopping cart that can handle physical or digital goods. Accept online payments in 26 different currencies across the world. Do you need to get paid monthly? - Not a problem, we support recurring billing! - Charge your clients a startup and recurring weekly, monthly or yearly fee. No matter what type of service or product you offer, our shopping cart will take care of the details.

One website for all devices

We are geared to handle multiple displays. Your web page content shift's and re-sizes so that it looks great on any display. Build and maintain only one website across devices so that you can spend your time on other business activities. Give your clients the freedom to use your website on their preferred device. Our platform also improves your mobile search engine ranking, and gives your website the edge compared to the competition.

Website content on a desktop display....

Mobile friendly website on desktop

Website content on mobile devices...

Mobile friendly website

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