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We are a web design company located in Johannesburg South Africa. We create mobile friendly websites that are optimised for search engines. Our web design packages include a free domain, logo, email accounts, website hosting and support.

As the internet evolves and competition within online markets increases, web design companies are faced with an ever increasing demand on their skill sets so that their service offerings can compete in today's online world. Gone are the days when a modern web design company can get away with just making attractive websites. They need to evolve into business partners that care about where your business is heading and the future that brings. Read our "Top 7 responsibilities of a Web Design Company" to gain insights into the non negotiable's of our industry.

The Top 7 responsibilities of a Web Design Company

A web design company company needs to do more than just web design in today's highly competitive online market.

1. A web design company should look for new online opportunities for its clients

A web design company should not only focus on designing websites that look good. They have a much greater responsibility. This responsibility involves caring about each clients online market, researching this market, then refining the website to target this market. Taking this approach allows a web design company to bring more to the table for its clients than just pure web design. By targeting niche online markets, a website design company can bring new business opportunities to its clients.

2. A website design company should design mobile friendly websites due to Google's preference for these websites.

It's staggering to find that there is still a high number of web design companies that do not offer mobile friendly website design services to their clients. With the growth in mobile phone web browsing surpassing desktop web searches in 2015, its hard to believe that some web design companies still believe its ok to build websites that are not mobile friendly.

It's a fact that more people search for your business using their mobile phones than they do using their desktop computer. Your website design company needs to build your website on the platforms that allow your website to function across multiple devices such as phones, tablets and desktop computers. A website is expected to display across multiple screen sizes and display types. If your web design company cannot offer this, its time to switch as your business could be losing out on various online markets due to Google now giving preference to websites that function correctly on mobile devices.

3. A website development company should give you access to your website so you can edit the content yourself

Asking your website development company to edit existing web pages can be costly. Ensure that your website development company offers an easy content editor so that you can login and make any changes you may need after your website is live. We see this as a vital responsibility of your web design company as it lowers your total cost of ownership. Examples of content that you may want to edit include: contact details, home page, blog pages and shopping cart products.

4. A web designing company should provide technical support.

So your website is live, and after a few days, your website get's attacked by a virus. Your web designing company should provide technical support that swiftly remedies any security threats - Please ask your web designing company if this service is included in the monthly fee. You won't believe how often we hear of clients having to pay to get their website fixed due to a virus attack. We view this as the responsibility of your web designing company to fix these types of issues for free.

5. A web development company should provide content editing support.

If you get stuck while editing your website content, your web development company should also provide support and guidance to you so that you are empowered to edit your own website content. This will allow you to reduce your total cost of ownership. If you find this too tedious, and web design is not your strength, your web development company should offer an affordable service for maintaining your website content. This is normally packaged as a per page or per hour offering.

6. A website designing company should be a one stop shop for everything website related.

There are still many web design companies that only handle the web design part of websites. In today's online world, there are numerous hidden factors that need careful consideration. For example, If your website designing company does not take website performance into consideration, your website may never rank well. Google want's it's search engine client base to have a good search experience - What would your experience be like if Google only served slow websites? - A modern website designing company should take this and many other factors into consideration when building a website.

7. A website design company should offer the following web design services as a minimum.

  • Online marketing strategy
  • Market research that is tailored to your business
  • Web design services such as search engine optimization, custom designs and feedback throughout the web design process to ensure your expectations are met.
  • Website development using a content management system or CMS
  • ECommerce website design. Make sure your website design company can accept online payments in different currencies. You must also check that you do not need to setup a costly merchant account at your bank. There are ways around this and your web design company should know how to get around these challenges.
  • Access to web designers and website developers - It's important that you can communicate directly with your web designer or web developer. This will streamline the web design process and ensure the web design company meets your expectations.
  • Website hosting. Ensure your website is on fast hardware with regular backups in case something goes wrong.
  • Support - Both technical and functional. e.g. Content editing
  • Visual editor for maintaining your own website
  • Business email accounts and email support
  • Content editing services so your website is kept up to date

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