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Website design in Johannesburg. Our website design includes free domain, logo design, email & website hosting. Web designs are mobile friendly an optimised for search engines so that your website can be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
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Website design is all about finding the balance between aesthetics, branding and our clients goals. Linking these crucial factors is key to ensuring your business website not only looks good, but also functions correctly.



Website Design Services

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Website Design

We create stunning website design that uses the latest web design technologies and standards. Our websites function on all platforms such as mobile and tablet devices. Our techniques allow for a clean, minimal website that is easy for your visitors to navigate. Our website designs are mobile friendly and perform well on mobile devices which improves your ranking on search engines.

Visual Designer with drag and drop

Editing Your Website

Take control of your own website after it goes live by editing web pages using a visual designer. Your website functions by using one of the worlds most popular content management systems (WordPress), and lowers your total cost of ownership. We provide free training to ensure you are equipped to edit your own website content using a website builder. A drag and drop web designer allows you to manage your website in a visual manner.

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Web Design Johannesburg

We are a company based in Johannesburg that services the needs of our clients based in Joburg South Africa. We offer web design in Johannesburg. Our services include a free website domain, logo, business email accounts & website hosting. We also offer training so that you can edit your own website after it has gone live using a simple drag and drop editor. Our packages are competitively priced, and we make use of the latest website design technologies. Join our web design company today and get your business website started. Read more

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Web Designer in Johannesburg

Our web designers create mobile friendly web designs that are search engine optimised to ensure you website ranks well. It is the web designer's responsibility to create web page designs that represent the client's requirements and their brand identity. Getting this right requires an iterative design approach that gives the client constant feedback so designs can be adapted sooner rather than later. Read more

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Website Logo Design

Our web designers create unique logo's that make your website stand out from the crowd. The colours in your logo are then used throughout your website to give it a clean look and feel.

Web development sample

Web Development

Our web designers collaborate with our web developers to create websites that are both great to look at (web design) and function correctly (web development). As a web development company, we have a number of responsibilities. One responsibility we take very seriously, is ensuring websites are constantly updated to the latest security release to ensure they are not vulnerable to online virus attacks. Read more

Free website domain

Free Website Domain

You get one free website domain name when you sign up with our company. We perform market research before purchasing your domain name to ensure your domain name will rank well on search engines. Having specific keywords in your website domain name will improve your search engine ranking.

Website hosting servers

Website Hosting

We host your website on fast and reliable servers to ensure that you website and business email accounts have no down time. Our website hosting servers are optimised to run our website platform so your website will experience fast page load times.

Market Research

Market Research

Have you ever wondered how many users are searching for products that you sell? - We perform deep market research analysis to understand the behavior of your clients, and build your website to leverage specific online market segments. Our components leverage all the page elements to ensure we squeeze as much marketing potential out of every web page.

Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of optimising a website's page for the purpose of improving its ranking on a search engine. We use vital information gathered in the market research phase to optimise your website for search engines. Each page on your website is designed in such a way that search engines find it easy to read and understand. this means your website has a better chance of out ranking the competition.

Website Features

All our websites come standard with the following features that can be enabled at any time

  • Free domain
  • Image gallery
  • FAQ
  • Shopping cart with E-Commerce functionality
  • Accept credit card payments from your website
  • Terms and conditions page
  • Client testimonials
  • Google maps
  • Contact form
  • Website visual designer to maintain your website easily
  • Integration into social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram & Pinterest
  • Pricing tables so you can show your visitors different product price comparisons
  • Icons
  • Styled lists
  • Blog posts
  • ... and much much more!

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