Google Advertising and Marketing

Allow customers to see you when they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. Do you need new business leads? Try our monthly Google Advertising package and get new clients!

We tailor make your Google Advertising and Marketing campaign so that it aligns with your target market. We accomplish this by performing online market research for your business, then use this research to formulate an effective advertising campaign. We also focus on lowering your Google Advertising spend, while maximising the number of clicks to your website. If you need to bring in new leads to your business, join us today!

Features of our Google Advertising package

  • Market Research tailored for your business. We gather detailed keyword analysis to understand what your clients are searching for when they are online. We use this research to create an effective advertising campaign.
  • Attract new business leads by targeting clients that are interested in your products and services.
  • We lower your advertising spend by ensuring the correct clients make contact with your business. Our adverts focus on keyword searches within your niche market. This approach lowers your advertising spend as you attract clients interested in your specific products and services. 
  • Geographical client targeting. Looking for clients from a specific area in your country? or are you only interested in attracting international clients? We can target our advertising campaign at clients in any region across the world.
  • Transparent costing so that you know where your adverting budget is going. Most advertising companies hide their costing structure. We turn this traditional approach on its head and tell you exactly what the fees are. Total advertising budget = Google fee + Our fee 
  • Monthly out-of-box Google Advertising reports so we can focus on your campaign. Most advertising companies focus their time and energy on re-packaging and re-formatting the existing Google Advertising reports. We prefer to use the out-of-box reports from Google and rather spend our time on preparing insights that allow you to make decisions about the advertising campaign. 
  • No contracts that tie you down. Pay month-to-month and cancel at any time.

Contact us and let us help you move your business forward