Here’s some honesty from us: We don’t like slideshows! – Why? – They distract the visitor from looking at your page content that contains call to actions and encourages them to purchase your products and services.

Well then why do we offer slideshow functionality? The truth is that some clients insist on it.

Our view is if you really must have a slide show, reduce the size of it and display it near the footer section of your site. Don’t add too many images to the slideshow, and make sure you reduce the image sizes as this can increase the load time of your page which can affect your search engine ranking.

If you must have a slideshow, the illustrations below will show you how to add a slideshow.

Adding a slideshow to a page



Add images to slideshow

Important: Make sure the pixel width and height are the same for all images in the same slideshow.


Delete \ Edit Slideshow images


Change Slideshow display size