A sidebar is a column that is displayed on the left or right of a page. Your web site is setup to display the sidebar on the left side of your pages – this is the best location for a sidebar when considering the multiple screen sizes your web site will need to display on.

The following types of sidebars can be created:

1. Sidebar created using the visual page designer for storing miscellaneous content. Use the column component on the visual page designer to create a sidebar.

2. Sidebar that contains a vertical menu. Menu can contain links to other pages.

3. Sidebar that contains your shop menu. These are links to other product pages.

Tip: only create one sidebar on a page. Reason: Two sidebars just don’t fit on small mobile screens – The sidebars will shift to the top or bottom of your page content when the screen resizes for a mobile device.

The example below illustrates how you can create a sidebar menu by dragging and dropping the “Custom Menu” widget onto the available “Pages Sidebar” position:


To create a sidebar for your shop, simply locate the “WooCommerce Product Category” widget and drag it onto the “Pages Sidebar” widget.