Shopping Cart Product Categories

Shopping Cart Product Categories

Product categories allow you to group similar types of products. E.g. A category named “Water Purifiers” could be used to group all your water purifier products, so that when a visitor clicks on this category, relevant products are displayed.

To add a product category, select the “Categories” menu item under the “Shop” menu item, and enter the required details to create a new product category.


Set Category Image

In the Product Categories screen above, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the “Upload/Add image” button to add an image to the category. Important: See the “Product Image sizes” section below.

Product Image sizes

It is extremely important that you don’t use large images for your products. Large images take a long time to load and can significantly slow down your website and frustrate your visitors. Try keep your “Featured Image” size to 250×250 pixels. You can Read this guide for assistance with image sizes:

How to display more product categories on home page

If your shopping cart displays product categories on the home page, and you would like display these new categories on your home page, follow the example below:

Home page with missing product categories:



To add more product categories to home page, follow these steps: