SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research

This is one of the most important sections you need to cover when building your business web site – PLEASE DONT skip this section – the knowledge gained here can have a significant impact on the sales of your business.

Keyword research is important in today’s competitive web space. More and more web sites are competing to get to the first result page on Google for their target market. By following the techniques explained below, you will put yourself in the running to obtain better ranking (closer to page 1 on Google) on search results. Those clients who have experienced what it is like to get on the first page of Google will know what we are talking about.

To begin keyword research, follow these steps.

  • Logon to your adwords account. Follow the guide: “Create Adwords Account” for help on creating an account.
  • In the menu, click “Tools” then click “Keyword Planner”.
  • Click “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”
  • Enter keywords that describe your product or service. For example: “Clear water sanitiser drink”. Note: A single keyword or phrase is made up of multiple words.
  • Select a product category. For example: “Health”
  • Enter your target criteria in the “Targeting” section. E.g. Target your specific country if you can only sell your product in your country.
  • Click the “Get ideas” button.
  • Click the “Keyword ideas” tab
  • Click the “Avg. monthly searches” title to order by the highest monthly searches.
  • You Will see a screen similar to the example below listing the keywords that relate to your business.

For this example (water sanitiser), we have highlighted the keywords in the screen print below that are related to a water sanitiser product. We can see that for each keyword highlighted there is approximately 10 searches per month. If we were to use these highlighted keyword combinations to write our web site pages and articles, we could target 40 potential clients.

For example. We could have a section on our home page that starts with the heading: “The importance of safe drinking water”, then write some text under this heading that describes and uses the keyword “treatment for water” and then explains to the web visitor “how to clean drinking water at home”.

As you can see, we can use keyword research to give us ideas of how to structure the wording and text on our web pages.

Why is this important?

A search engines main purpose is to serve “relevant” quality content to its users. If your web site page contains keywords similar to what a user types in a given search engine query, the search engine is more likely to improve your ranking (move you closer to page 1 on Google) within the search engine results. The closer you are to page 1 on Google, the more visitors you will get which you can then convert to clients.


Important: You can click the “Download ideas” button to export your keywords to excel so that you can save them for later use. You will need this list when writing your web page articles and text. We recommend highlighting the keywords related to your target market in excel and removing the unrelated ones.

Tip: If your keyword research returns 100s of keyword ideas, try to use the keywords with the highest averge monthly searches