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We are an SEO (Search engine optimisation) company that services the needs of our clients based in Johannesburg South Africa. We offer SEO website design in Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg and Fourways. Our SEO services in South Africa include a free domain, logo, business email accounts & website hosting. We also offer SEO and website training so that you can edit your own website after it has gone live using a simple web design editor. Our SEO web design packages are competitively priced, and our web design services make use of the latest website design technologies. Join our SEO company today and improve the ranking of your website.

As an SEO company in Johannesburg South Africa, we believe we have a much greater responsibility than just simply building websites that look good. The websites that we design need to rank well on Google and other search engines in South Africa. After all, what's the purpose of just having a good looking website? Your website needs to work for you and bring in new business opportunities. We use cutting edge SEO techniques that bring real results

Our team of website designers in Johannesburg are here to assist. We provide a dedicated web designer who offers website design and SEO services in Johannesburg and works closely with you to understand your needs. The web designer is responsible for delivering on all the requirements of your particular website and SEO campaign. Dealing with a single web designer ensures that your requirements are followed through from beginning to end. Our SEO campaigns and website design in Johannesburg target relevant visitors living in Johannesburg so that your website benefits from local searches.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Organic search engine optimisation is the process of enhancing your site so that it is visible on a search engines "un-paid" (organic) search results. The higher the ranking (the closer you are to the first page on a given google search), the more frequently your web site will appear in search results. By appearing more often in results, your web site will receive more organic (free) visits. Read more about organic SEO.

Our SEO services that target South Africa

The SEO services listed below are all available to you when joining our web design company. We can either implement some of the SEO services below or train you so that you can implement these yourself. Our training covers all SEO aspects and empowers you to maintain your own website content after we have taken your website live. Implementing all of the options below will improve your website ranking and give you the edge over competitor websites. 

High quality website content for improved SEO

High quality textual content that is relevant to your target market is one of the options available when doing website SEO - This process is also known as organic optimisation. This method is not guaranteed, and can take weeks before you see results. If you do however manage to get on the first result page of Google, you will receive free visits to your web site which can improve your sales. This process can take weeks & months to achieve if your market is competitive (other competing websites) and requires constant work such as adding new articles & blogs to your website. Once we have completed your website, we train you so that you know how to create pages on your website that adhere to best SEO practices.

Register with Google My Business for local SEO

Register your business on "Google My business" and add your physical address (which will need to be verified by Google) - This can improve your local (country/area) search results. E.g. When someone searches for a product or service near them, Google will serve your Google My business page to them. 

Social media integration for improved SEO

We show you how to use LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest to create social awareness about the products and services that you offer on your web site. When creating content on these platforms, it is advisable to create back links to your website when posting a blog or tweet - This will improve your organic SEO and bring traffic to your website. We cover these topics during the training session once your website has gone live.

Back link creation for real SEO improvement

Creating back links to your website is another popular SEO technique - Also known as off-page SEO. Back links (links from other web sites to yours) are another method used by a search engine to determine the relevance of your web site to its user base. This is one of the most important methods of increasing traffic to your website.

Advertisements that drive traffic and improve SEO

Placing advertisements on "free" or "paid for" on-line business directories can improve the traffic to your website. There are many free business directories on the internet where you can place advertisements. You can also pay for advertisement space on a "paid for" business directory. During our training session, we show you how to find reputable business directories that improve your organic SEO ranking. and how to link these to your website.

Google+ page that attracts clients and improves SEO

You can advertise your business and web site on Google+. This is a free offering from Google that allows you to post articles & blogs which you can link back to your website. Google+ has a wide user base of potential clients that are waiting to hear about your services. 

Google Adwords - Not really SEO

You can use Google Adwords advertisements that display on Google searches to attract more clients. This is however not an SEO technique as the ranking that is achieved is not organic but rather "paid for". This can get expensive if your market (certain search keywords) is very competitive. Note however that many markets are well priced and are therefore not expensive. Important: If you want your website instantly visible on Google search then this option is the fastest for marketing your products and services. We highly recommend this option. Read more about Google Adwords