Optimize web site pages

Optimize web site pages

The search engine optimization (SEO) tool is used for optimizing your web page content so that it can rank better on a search engine’s search results. The page optimization process can be split into two main categories:

1. Miscellaneous page settings (Page title, page URL etc)

2. Page content optimization (The text and image content that users see when they read a page)

1. Miscellaneous page settings

To locate the SEO tool, edit the page you would like to optimize, then scroll down until you find the “Yoast SEO” section:



In the “Yoast SEO” tool, first enter your “Focus keyword”. This is the keyword that you researched for your product or market using the Google keyword planner found in your Google Adwords account. Keyword research was extensively covered in the “Keyword research” guide.

As you enter your focus keyword, the tool begins to scan the page to determine if your focus keyword has been entered in the other available fields (E.g. Page Title, Pernalink, Meta description). If the tool finds your focus keyword in a particular field, it will convert a red dot under content analysis from red to green. As you add your keyword to more of the available fields, more dots turn green – Indicating that you are optimizing your content for search engines. Your goal is to make all dots green as per the recommendations next to each dot.

Start entering the fields (as indicated in above water sanitizer example).

Permalink \ Page URL:

In the example below, note that we have set the Permalink (Page URL). It is very important for SEO to include a keyword in the permalink


As you make changes as indicated above, you can see your overall progress by looking at the color of the small robot (Found at the top right of the page you are editing). Your aim is to get this circle green – Indicating that you have correctly optimized your page for search engines.



2. Page content optimization

Now that you have optimized various settings for the page, you now need to optimize the content that is viewed by a visitor when they read your page. Click the “Builder” button to open the visual page designer so that you can edit and optimize the page content. Important: We suggest that you right click the “Builder” button and open the visual page designer in a new web browser tab – This will allow you easily switch between the “Search Engine Optimisation” tool and the page content.


The “Content Analysis” section contains advice and guidance on how to improve your content.



In the visual page designer make changes to your content as advised by the SEO tool above. See example below of how we optimized the content by making various changes that include adding the keyword “Water sanitizer” to various places on the page.

Things to note on the example below:

1. “Heading 1” style used at the top of the page – This indicates to search engines that this is an important heading for the page. It should always contain your keyword.

2. The “Water sanitizer” keyword was used multiple times throughout the text content. We also researched a similar keyword “water cleaner”, that could have also been used in this content. We also added 3 paragraphs of text content below the image that explains the product and uses various similar keywords (In the example it is just sample text).

3. The image “Alt text” was setup on the image. This tells the search engine that your image is related to your text content.

4. We created a link to another external page. Search engines want to see that there is reading flow within a page. E.g. User reads your page, and has the option of finding other related content by clicking on a link within the page.



After all your content optimizations, the “Page Analysis” should look something like:


… and your overall page color score should be green:


Continue this process for each page on your web site. Remember that each page should have a unique focus keyword. E.g. We could have other pages that focus on the following keywords that are related to our market:

  • “water cleaner”
  • “water cleaner new york” (focus our products on a specific area) – This combination would need to be researched to understand if some clients type this in a search engine
  • “water purifier”
  • “water purifier parts”
  • “water sanitizer distributor”
  • “water sanitizer reseller”
  • etc