Menu configuration

Menu configuration

To access your web site menu configuration, click the “Menus” item in the menu list – See screen print below.

You can either edit the existing menus or create new menus. Menus are created by clicking the “create a new menu” link. Once a blank menu is created, you build the menu by selecting available pages on the left and clicking the “Add to Menu” button – The menu is constructed further by adding more pages, re-arranging their order and dragging right to create sub menus. All of these concepts are illustrated below:


Your primary web site menu is named: “SiteBuilder-MainMenu”

Add a new menu item – Link menu item to page

The most commonly used menu items, are ones that link to pages you have created. Follow the steps in the example below to see how to add a menu item that links to a page you created. Note: You must first create a new page before it is visible in the “Most Recent” list (see example below). Once you have followed these steps, you will see a new menu item on your web site – when this menu item is clicked, the page linked to the menu item will load.


Rename an existing menu item in the menu


Remove a menu item from the menu

Expand the menu item by clicking the small arrow – The settings will now expand. Click the “Remove” link to remove the current menu item from the menu. Don’t forget to click the “Save Menu” button to save your changes.

menu-designer-remove-menuIf you would like to assign a different menu as the “Primary menu” (menu at the top of your web site), follow instructions below: