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Why choose us?

Our skilled team of Gallo Manor website designers and online marketing specialists deliver only the best quality web designs in line with the latest web standards. Interact and engage with web designers in Gallo Manor who better understand local businesses in your area.

We offer a complete package of high-quality website design solutions that will take your business to new heights. Our solutions are tailored to your business sector, ensuring you gain an advantage over your competitors.

Our web design services include a free domain, logo, business email accounts & website hosting. Join our web design company today and get your business website launched.

What Distinguishes our Gallo Manor Web Designers?

So why do our Gallo Manor website designers differ from the average? We work to ensure your website delivers results by starting at the beginning and doing market research tailored to your business goals - Did you ever want to know how many people are searching online for your products and services in Gallo Manor? Our research delivers these answers, and we use this in every aspect of the web design process.


We are proud of our talented individuals who have a wide range of experience.


We ensure your website design looks great and converts website visitors into paying clients. Our team carefully incorporates web design elements and hidden attributes that assist with ranking your website better for clients who search for businesses like yours in Gallo Manor. We offer professional website design that will help you achieve your business goals. We build everything from single-page web designs right through to complex e-commerce websites. We focus on your requirements and apply good design practices to ensure your website attracts the customers you are looking for.


Once your website is online and active, you are free to make content changes. This lowers your total cost of ownership. Need to make some quick text or image changes to a website page? No problem, our visual website builder makes this easy. Read more about our website builder


We optimise your website for search engines, so your website has a better chance of ranking well in Gallo Manor.


We first perform market research on your business to understand its online marketing potential, then use this in every part of the web design process to ensure we align with your business strategy.

Our web design company is based in Gallo Manor

We are a web design company located in Gallo Manor that services the needs of our business clients in this area. We are conveniently situated close to Gallo Manor CBD, and our website design company is involved in various activities, from developing basic websites to complex web applications. Our web designers focus on the front end and work closely with our web developers to ensure the entire website fits together and meets your objectives.

Why should you hire our Gallo Manor web design company?

A web design company should not only focus on designing websites that look good. They have a much greater responsibility. This responsibility involves caring about each client's online market, researching this market, and then refining the website to target this market. This approach allows a web design company to bring more to the table for its clients than just pure web design. By targeting niche online markets, a website design company can bring new business opportunities to its clients. Your web design company should also provide technical support that swiftly remedies security threats. You won't believe how often we hear of clients having to pay to get their website fixed due to a virus attack. We view this as your web design company's responsibility to resolve these issues for free.


Affordable website design prices and packages in Gallo Manor

Our affordable website design packages include professional hosting, business email accounts, monthly support and website backups. You will also have access to our team to discuss detailed requirements.


Get your website started quickly with our starter package. Includes standard search engine optimisation.



A website that has been optimised with advanced search engine techniques.



Sell your products and services online and accept credit card payments.


Gallo Manor website design prices table and price list

Product Name


Web designer hourly rate - Junior

R 120

Web designer hourly rate - Mid level
R 200
Web designer hourly rate - Senior
R 300
Web designer daily rate - Junior
R 960
Web designer daily rate - Mid level
R 1600
Web designer daily rate - Senior
R 2400
Website maintenance cost per month (Included if you host with us. Applies to WordPress plugins and updates only
R 269
Website cost and price range
R 5,499 - R9,499
Web design cost and price
R 5,499
Starter website design price
R 5,499
Advanced website design price
R 7,199
Ecommerce website price
R 9,499
Website development price and cost
R 5,499
Web design pricing and website design cost
R 5,499 - R9,499
R 5,499 - R9,499
Website rate per hour
R 250
Cost to build a website
R 2,500 - 5,499
Website creation cost
R 5,499
Wordpress website pricing
R 5,499 - R9,499
5 page website price
R 5499
Average cost of website design for small business
R 5000
Website builder prices. Included in our web design packages
R 0
WordPress hosting cost per month
R 269

Web Design Quote

We provide fast online web design quotes. You don't need to wait for pricing, as our online quote system will provide you with the costing breakdown. This is the best option for getting an idea of what your website will cost and will also allow you to set up to discuss the quotation. If you are happy to proceed after our initial call, we set up a kick-off meeting to gather detailed website requirements. 

Types of Website Designers and Developers you can hire in Gallo Manor

Do you need to hire a website designer or developer near you in Gallo Manor? or are you looking for a freelance website designer? We can provide you with a wide variety of qualified web designers and developers that can help you build your business website.

Professional Website Designers in Gallo Manor

We employ professional website designers who can meet with you to discuss your website requirements and create a proposal that meets your business needs and budget.

Freelance Web Designers in Gallo Manor

We provide excellent freelance web designers at affordable rates. They can work in teams or independently. Hourly rates range from R250 - R450.

Freelance Web Developers in Gallo Manor

Are you looking for a skilled freelance web developer? Our developers can work in teams or independently. Hourly rates range from R250 - R650.

WordPress Web Designers in Gallo Manor

Our WordPress web designers have years of experience creating and managing WordPress websites and plugins. From beautiful designs to high performing websites, our team has you covered. Read more

Gallo Manor WordPress Web Developers

Our WordPress web developers are experienced at writing code that integrates with the WordPress ecosystem. We write all enhancements as plugins so that clients can easily integrate custom WordPress changes. Read more

E-commerce Website Designers in Gallo Manor

Do you need someone who can assist you with your e-commerce requirements? Our e-commerce website designers and developers understand the complexities of e-commerce websites and can integrate your website with various payment platforms.

E-commerce Developers in Gallo Manor

Our e-commerce developers can create, manage and maintain custom e-commerce code written for any of the major e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce. We also specialise in payment gateway integration.

Freelance UI Designer in Gallo Manor

Our UI (user interface) designers build websites that look great and help convert visitors into clients. Upgrade your website and make it attractive to prospective clients.

Freelance UX Designer in Gallo Manor

Our UX (user experience) designers build websites that provide meaningful user experiences ranging from the beginning of product usage to the end. Consideration for usability, branding and function are applied throughout the process.

Gallo Manor WooCommerce Web Designer

Our wooCommerce web designers understand the features, plugins and limitations of wooCommerce and can recommend best practices when creating websites that require wooCommerce integration.

Responsive Website Designer in Gallo Manor

Are you struggling to convert your website into a responsive web design that caters for different screen sizes and devices? Our response website designers will help you upgrade your website so that it displays on mobile devices.

Business website creation and design in 

Gallo Manor

Looking for a business website that attracts Gallo Manor clients? We create location-specific websites and pages that target Gallo Manor so that you benefit from search engine queries that are local to this area. This approach means that your business website will gain an edge over competitor websites as our SEO optimisation techniques attract businesses that require your services within the Gallo Manor area. For example, if you supply internet services to businesses, we would optimise for the keyword "internet service providers Gallo Manor" so that when this keyword is typed into a search engine, your website features in the first page results of Gallo Manor.

Responsive web design in 

Gallo Manor

It's staggering to find that many web design companies still do not offer responsive web design (mobile-friendly website) services to their clients. With the growth in mobile phone web browsing surpassing desktop web searches in 2015, it's hard to believe that some web design companies still think it's okay to build websites that are not mobile-friendly.

It's a fact that more people search for your business using their mobile phones than their desktop computers. Your website design company needs to build your website on the platforms that allow your website to function across multiple devices such as phones, tablets and desktop computers. A website is expected to display in various screen sizes and display types. Suppose your web design company cannot offer this. In that case, it's time to switch as your business could be losing out on various online markets due to Google now giving preference to websites that function correctly on mobile devices.

Ecommerce website design in 

Gallo Manor

We create E-commerce websites in Gallo Manor for many different types of businesses. Our E-commerce platform allows you to accept online payments from clients in South Africa or other countries. We process all major credit card types, and you don’t need an expensive merchant account with your bank when signing up with us. We provide you with the ability to sell your goods and services through an industry-leading online shopping cart - What's great about our shopping cart is that it's tailored for the South African market.

WooCommerce shopping cart

Our ecommerce website design is powered by the very popular shopping cart system named WooCommerce. It's an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress and designed for small to large-sized online merchants using the WordPress content management system. WooCommerce was launched on the 27th of September 2011 and quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize. In January 2020, it was estimated that WooCommerce is used by around 3.9 million websites. Read more about WooCommerce.

Supported Payment Gateways

We support any payment gateway that provides a WooCommerce plugin and allows for payments into South African bank accounts. See our payment gateway comparison table below.

Payment Gateway

Supported bank account

Requires merchant account?


PayFast. Receipts are stored at PayFast and you can do payouts to any South African bank of your choice for R10


3.2% plus R 2.00

fee details

PayGate Switch. The merchant account cost can range from R500 to R1,500 per month depending on your needs. This excludes transaction fees.
Standard Bank
0.25% - 3.5%
PayGate Plus. You need to have a Standard Bank business account.
Standard Bank
PayPal. Funds normally received in USD, then need to be converted to ZAR during payouts.
2.9% plus $0.30

fee details


Web design services we offer in Gallo Manor

We offer a wide range of web design services that cater for the needs of our Gallo Manor clients. We don't just focus on making your website look good but also peak into your overall business strategy. Our services below will help achieve this goal.

1. Digital Marketing Strategy

We help form your digital marketing strategy and advise you on how to drive the plan that moves your business forward. Target Gallo Manor and surrounding areas to maximise the reach of your marketing strategy. This strategy forms part of our extensive web design process.

2. Social Media Management Services

We set up and manage your social media accounts so that you can focus on your business. We enhance your social media accounts to be relevant to customers living in Gallo Manor.

3. Business Cloud Hosting and Email Accounts

We provide our clients with business-class web hosting for your website content and business email accounts. We take care of all the technical details like domain registration and transfers from other hosting companies. We also ensure your website is installed on servers near Gallo Manor to reduce the website latency and load times.


Website maintenance includes updating content on your site, fixing broken links, and making sure that your site works well for visitors. It also involves keeping track of all the different aspects of your site, such as how many people visit each day, which pages are most popular, and where users come from when they arrive at your site. Read more about our website maintenance packages. If you are also interested in the costs of website maintenance, click here to read more.

  • Free WordPress maintenance including upgrades
  • WordPress plugin maintenance
  • Security plugin updates for website security maintenance
  • Monthly website backups. We have both online and offsite backups
  • Maintenance of broken WordPress plugins. We will try source the latest working plugin to ensure your website keeps running.
  • As your website grows, it will require more disk space and memory to keep running optimally. We assist with website disk space and memory allocation.
  • Website database maintenance. Sometimes your website's database can get very large. We offer database compression maintenance services to reduce the footprint of your database.


Once you are a client, you can access our team at no additional cost. This allows you to discuss your marketing strategy and plot the next steps with our assistance.


Many web design companies do not offer offsite backups. These backups are crucial in the event your hosting account is compromised.

  • Market Research tailored for your business that can target Gallo Manor and surrounding areas. We gather detailed keyword analysis to understand what your clients are searching for when they are online. We then use this research to guide the web design process. Does your existing web design company offer this?
  • Advanced Search engine optimisation so that your website can be found by website visitors in Gallo Manor. We optimise each web page as per the online web design quote.
  • Free website domain included so that your companies brand is professionally reflected.
  • Professional website design that is mobile friendly and responds to various screen sizes such as tablets, mobile phones and computers.
  • Maintain your own website content after website is live. You are not reliant on us to make website changes, which reduces your total cost of ownership. Why tie yourself into your web design company?
  • Business email accounts to give a professional business image and ensure you can communicate with your clients.
  • Free Wordpress Upgrades to ensure that your website does not need to be re-designed from scratch.  Save yourself from the cost of a full Wordpress upgrade. We take care of all the technical details and ensure your website is kept up to date. 
  • Professional business logo so that your brand is remembered. (*Applies if selected in the online quotation)
  • Website hosting that contains your unique domain and stores all the website files and business email accounts.
  • Social media integration with LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. We link your website to social media sites that you own.
  • Custom web pages for displaying your specific web page content. We also make recommendations for content that will rank well in Gallo Manor
  • Blog posts so you can post articles, news and other information.
  • Google adwords setup to advertise your business services and attract new business opportunities from clients located in Gallo Manor. We discuss your budget and you decide on your adwords monthly spend. (*Optional service)
  • Support to help you when updating your website content.
  • Access to our web designers whenever you need to chat about ideas related to your website.
  • Contact form on your website for your clients to contact you.
  • Google maps so that your clients can locate your address easily within Gallo Manor.
  • Image gallery to showcase your services, products and portfolio.
  • Pricing tables if you need to showcase side by side comparisons of your services and products.
  • Client testimonials so you can share your clients positive comments with visitors.
  • And much much more... The visual page designer can create just about anything you can think of.

Wordpress web design in Gallo Manor?

Our WordPress web designers are qualified so that you get the best WordPress skills in Gallo Manor at affordable prices. Web developers and designers must provide proof of qualifications and work experience. We also conduct extensive interviews at our offices in Gallo Manor to ensure we work with the best. From front-end designers to backend developers, we have you covered. Our designers can meet with you in Gallo Manor or online and discuss your requirements to understand your business objectives.

Website powered by WordPressExample of a website powered by WordPress

WordPress is the easiest and most popular choice for building a website or blog, and it powers 43.3% of all the websites on the internet. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power their websites. That is a staggering number when considering how many other popular content management systems exist.

WordPress has evolved from a blogging platform into a well-designed website builder that can serve highly complex websites to thousands of visitors. WordPress powers some of the largest companies on the internet and has built a formidable reputation as a best-of-breed CMS.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that can be used for free by anyone. A content management system allows you to store your website information to make it easier to maintain. This means you can edit your website without needing to code, which is why WordPress has become so popular.

WordPress is highly customisable as you can choose from thousands of integrated plugins, widgets, and themes.

We have chosen to use WordPress because it enables us to deliver high-quality websites at an affordable price. The platform also allows us flexibility in that if our client would like certain functionality, we can enable this functionality using free or paid plugins. Ultimately, we can pass on all these benefits to our clients.

Read more about WordPress here.

Qualified WordPress Website Designers and Developers in Gallo Manor

Qualified WordPress Designer
Qualified WordPress Developer

WordPress Website Design and Developer Cost in Gallo Manor

Skill Level



R150 - R250


R250 - R350


R350 - R650


R450 - R750

Gallo Manor WordPress Services Included

We offer a complete WordPress website design and development service that includes WordPress installation, configuration, and search engine optimisation. Our websites are created using a drag-and-drop visual editor, making it easy to maintain your website content.

Our team in Gallo Manor creates websites that leverage the latest WordPress features so that your online business has the best chance of succeeding. Our WordPress websites are fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to edit and maintain. We ensure only quality WordPress plugins and themes are used so that you can be sure of a guaranteed upgrade path when your website requires essential updates.

We follow our own 8 phase website design process to deliver a high-quality website within budget. Why not start your business website or blog today using our skills to help you achieve your goals?

WordPress Development

  • Theme installation and setup
  • HTML and CSS customisations
  • Plugin installation and setup
  • Website speed optimisation and caching

Website Hosting

  • Domain registration
  • Business email accounts
  • Popular CPanel setup
  • SSL certificates
  • Website backups

Web Design that targets Gallo Manor

  • Responsive design
  • Professional look and feel
  • Mobile friendly
  • UX Design (User experience design)
  • Content creation

Search Engine Optimisation for Gallo Manor

  • Content optimisation for search engines
  • Keyword research
  • Google Web Masters setup
  • SEO Analysis plugin
  • Google Analytics setup

WordPress Benefits and Features

WordPress features and benefits
We are leaders in WordPress web design and are based in Gallo Manor. Our primary focus is to deliver best-in-class web design and development solutions using WordPress. Our WordPress websites include the following features:
  • Easily manage website content
  • Unlimited website pages and products
  • Version control of pages and posts
  • Fast loading times that increase conversions
  • High quality plugins
  • Professional themes
  • SEO optimised code
  • Adherence to best practices
  • Website caching for page speed
  • Automatic image compression for faster website load times.
  • XML sitemap for better Google indexing
  • Visual editor for easy maintenance
  • Professional SEO plugin
  • Contact Forms
  • Image galleries
  • Chat client integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Custom code best practices
  • Secure website that can automatically block brute force attacks

If you would like to learn more about the full set of features that WordPress has to offer, visit the official website:

WordPress Maintenance

We include technical support and will upgrade your WordPress installation to the latest release if you host with us. We also include website maintenance and will upgrade your theme and plugins. This gives you peace of mind knowing that we have you covered and that your website won't go down due to out-of-date software.

Your website domain is added to our website inspector to detect if your website is up or down. This allows us to be proactive instead of reactive to website downtime.

We can assist with maintaining your website content or train you to edit your website content.

Types of WordPress websites we create

  • Business websites
  • Personal websites
  • E-Commerce websites. We integrate with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, PayFast, Standard Bank and FNB.
  • Membership websites
  • Brochure website
  • One page websites
  • Brochure website
  • One page websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Blog websites
  • Event websites
  • Online forums
  • Informational websites
  • Non profit websites

WordPress Plugins and Themes

We use several free and commercial plugins. Some of our premium plugins are included in our WordPress installation and are free for our clients. This means that we can design professional websites using high-quality plugins to ensure customer satisfaction. Click here for more information about WordPress plugins.

We source website themes from quality suppliers and ensure they are supported throughout your website's lifetime. No more hassle or stressing over old plugins as we update plugins and themes for free if your website is hosted with us. 

We use WooCommerce for e-Commerce websites and Yoast SEO, which helps with search engine optimisation.
WordPress plugin WooCommerce

WooCommerce plugin

WordPress plugin Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin

Responsive WordPress Design in Gallo Manor

We use responsive WordPress themes on all websites we create. This means they will dynamically change dimensions to accommodate different screen sizes of mobile phones, tablets and desktops. In addition, a combination of HTML and CSS is used to resize the web page automatically. The main advantage of our responsive WordPress website design is that you no longer require different website versions to accommodate various screen sizes.

It's a fact that more people search for your business using their mobile phones than they do with their desktop computers. This all started to shift in 2014 wherein the USA; mobile usage exceeded desktop usage. Therefore, it has become ever-increasingly essential to building your website for various mobile devices.

You can read more about responsive web design here.

What are the responsibilities of our web designers in Gallo Manor?

Our website designer's responsibility is to create web page designs that represent the client's requirements and their brand identity. Getting this right requires an iterative design approach that gives our clients constant feedback so designs can be adapted sooner rather than later. The level of creativity required from our web designers will vary and depends largely on the type of job at hand. Furthermore, they create all the visual elements on a web page such as page layout, colour schemes, text and content formatting.

Our team is required to work with a variety of programming languages such as CSS, HTML and Java script. They are mainly responsible for the visual look of a page, but may also take on other roles within a web design project. They also need to have a good grasp of traditional design fundamentals, as well as an advanced knowledge of emerging technologies to keep abreast of the latest technology advances.

We have a good understanding of how detailed web page elements such as spacing, colors, layout, images, buttons, icons and text work together to create web page designs that are both attractive and functional. Once we have achieved a balance between these web page elements, an effective web design can be created. We then continue with the design and link various pages on a website using href links. These links allow web page visitors to navigate between pages on the website.

Once the website is completed we upload it to our business cloud hosting server. After this process, the website is considered "live". The client normally reviews the website at this stage and any changes requested by the client are then made. This phase normally results in a cycle of changes until the client is happy. We work to ensure that any new changes align to the original design, layout and feel of the website.