Internal / external links

Internal / external links

Links can be created on your web site pages that link to internal\external pages or attachments – For example: An external web site page or an internal PDF document and web page.

1. Load a page in the visual designer and drop a text element onto the page. Highlight a word in the text element (See example below), then click the link icon to set an internal (link to a page or attachment on your web site) or external (link to another web sites page or attachment) link.


2. When you have the URL you are looking for, simply paste it into the link box, then click the “Save” button. The format of the internal link must be:


How to find the URL of an internal page

1. Click the “Pages” menu item, then click the “Edit” link.


2. Copy the URL from the “Permalink” box


How to setup an internal URL for a PDF document

1. First upload a PDF document. Click the “Media” menu item, then click the “Basic Library” sub menu item.


2. Click the “Add New” button to upload a PDF document.

internal-external-links-upload-pdf-23. Then click the “Select Files” button to browse for a PDF document. Once the upload is finished, go back to the “Basic Library”. You will now see your PDF document in the list. Click the “Edit” link in the hover menu.

internal-external-links-edit-pdf4. Now copy the link as indicated below, and use this link in the text element link you created earlier.


5. Example pasting the PDF link:


How to find the external link URL

If you need to create a link in your page to an external web page or attachment, simply browse to the web site and copy the URL from the address bar of your web browser. Paste this URL in the link you create on your page. The format of the external link will be similar to: or