Google webmasters

Google webmasters

This free tool from Google allows you to:

  • Request that Google index your web site – Googles web crawlers (Googlebot) scan your web sites content and index your keywords and determine the overall quality and relevancy of your web site as compared to other web sites.
  • You can submit to Google your website sitemap. A sitemap is a map that lists all your web sites pages. This map tells Google which pages to index.
  • View statistics about how Google indexes the site, and if it found any errors while doing it.
  • Check and set the crawl rate, and view statistics about how Googlebot accesses a particular site.
  • List internal and external pages that link to the site.
  • Get a list of broken links for the site
  • See what keyword searches on Google led to the site being listed in the SERPs, and the click through rates of such listings

Create a Google Webmasters account and link your web site

  • Visit: and create a Webmasters account.
  • Login to your account, and Click the “ADD A SITE” button.
  • Enter your web site URL.
  • You will now need to verify that you are the owner of your web site. Follow the instructions and download the verification file. This file looks something like: googlede4fg454gd3gg3.html
  • Important: Email this file to us so that we can upload the file to your web site.
  • Once we have confirmed your verification file is uploaded, continue with the web site verification process.
  • Click the “VERIFY” button. Google will check that it can find the file and if successful, your web site will be validated.

Add your sitemap to Google

  • In the “Crawl” menu, click the “Sitemaps” sub menu.
  • Click the “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” button.
  • Paste the following link in the URL: index.php?option=com_xmap&view=xml&tmpl=component&id=1


  • Click the “Submit Sitemap” button.
  • Refresh the page. You will now see a page similar to the example below indicating that Google has loaded your sitemap successfully.



Asking Google to crawl the pages listed in the sitemap

  • In the “Crawl” menu, click the “Fetch as Google” sub menu.
  • Click the “FETCH” button.
  • You may encounter “Termporarily unreachable” errors. Try click the “FETCH” button after waiting a few minutes. You should eventually get a: “Complete” with no errors.
  • Click the “Submit to index” button.
  • Click the “Go” button which will submit the crawled pages to Google for the indexing process.
  • The indexing process may take several hours to complete.
  • Congratulations, Your web site is now on Googles radar!

Reviewing website statistics

Click through the available tools within Webmasters to view interesting statistics and information about your web site. You can use this information to adjust\improve the keywords you have used throughout your web site so that you can attract more clients.