Google My Business

Registering your business with Google My Business is a must do if you want to achieve a higher local (your area and country) ranking on Google. When registering on Google My Business you specify the address of your business, and Google uses this information to serve your Google My Business page to customers that on located near you. If you are a business that thrives on local customers, you are at a disadvantage if you do not register your business with Google.

  • Go to: or then follow the steps to register with Google.
  • Once registered, you must add a location (Address of your business). This at the time of writing is located in the menu (top left). Once menu is expanded, click the "Add a location" menu link.
  • Once your location has been added, you need to get your location verified by allowing Google to post you a verification code. Once you receive the verification code in the post, you need to go back to the location section, then click the verify button to enter the code. Your business will not show up in Google My Business directory and on the Google local search results until it is verified - This is an extremely important step.
  • Note: Sometimes you don't get the verification code - This is extremely frustrating! We have had clients who have tried 3 times and have not had success!
  • Another method of verifying your business is to contact Google on their support chat, and ask them very nicely to verify your business - This is a much faster method than using the post.

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