Google Adwords Introduction

Google Adwords Introduction

A Google adwords account allows you to create on-line advertisements and perform critical keyword research  that target your customer base. You control what “keywords” trigger the display of your adverts on the Google search engine. For example: If you own a product that produces clear water, you could create an advert that contains the keywords: “clear” “water” “producer”. If a potential client types in the Google search keywords: “clear” “water” “producer”, your advert will be displayed in the Google search results.

Cost per click advertising

When using Google advertisements, you incur a “cost-per-click”. In the example given above, if someone were to click on your “clear water producer” advert, you would pay a fee. This cost is incurred each time a potential client clicks on your advertisements.

Cost of advertisements

The cost varies depending on how competitive your selected advertisement keywords are. Some keyword combinations could cost $0.50 or $5 a click. Google shows you the cost of your keywords so you can  review the expense before advertising.

Important: The research gathered using Google’s keyword research tool (this tool is available on your adwords account) is not only valuable in creating on-line advertisements, it is also critical to use when creating and managing your web sites content. – Why is this? – Well if you knew certain keywords attracted more clients than other keywords, you would be in a better position to write higher quality content for your web site, which will then display your site closer to the first page on Google, which could then increase your sales!