Email Authentication Errors

This help guide assumes that you have configured your email client but are having authentication issues while sending or receiving email.

Solution 1

Make sure that you are using your full email address in the user name field. Using only your name will not work.

Not correct: User Name: jason

This is correct: User Name:

You must also make sure that the incoming and outgoing mail servers are correct.They are normally named: Make sure you know what domain to use – This will be the same as your website domain name.

E.g. If my website was named:, my mail server name would be:

Note: If you are using an Outgoing mail server from your ISP (Company who manages your internet access), only the Outgoing mail server name will be different.


Solution 2

Check your password. We suggest that you retype your password. Ensure that CAPS lock is not on when you retype your password.