Edit Home page

Edit Home page

To access your web site pages, Click the “Pages” menu. Once the list has loaded, you will see all your web site pages loaded. Look for your “Home” page in the list, then click the “Builder” link in the hover menu to open the visual page designer.

You will notice that there is also an “Edit” link (next to “Builder” link). The “Edit” link opens a basic editor that allows you to create simple text and image content on a page – Only use this editor for: simple text, image content and shop products (discussed later). The “Builder” link loads the visual designer that allows you to create limitless page designs that are mobile friendly and is the recommended method for building your web pages.


Once you have clicked the “Builder” link, the visual designer will load:


Important: Continue with the Visual Page Designer guide. This guide will explain how to edit your pages on your web site using a drag and drop interface.