Create Google Adwords campaign

Create Google Adwords campaign

Creating an advertisement “campaign” with Google adwords

  • Logon to your Google adwords account you created previously at:
  • Create a new Ad campaign.
  • Give your campaign a name
  • Ensure that you select “Search & Display Networks”
  • Ensure that your ads will display for all devices. Your web site is capable of handling this.
  • Important: Select the countries/areas that you wish to target. You dont want to waste your advertising budget on countries where you cannot supply products or services.
  • Important:  Enter the daily budget. This is the max daily budget to be used for “cost-per-clicks”.
  • Save your campaign.
  • Once your comapaign is saved, you will be able to add keywords.

Please read the “Keyword research” guide before continuing with this guide.

Using the “clear” “water” “producer” example explained in a previous section, the keyword for this campaign could be: “clear water producer” – These 3 words together make up your keyword.

Important: If you only add the keyword “water”, your advert will display when someone types “water” in the Google search engine – This may not be your desired result, as you only want to attract customers that are looking for “clear water producers”. Keeping this in mind when creating your keywords can save you money!!


Our keywords configured for the above advert are as follows:

Keyword 1: clear water producer

Keyword 2: water cleaner

Keyword 3: water sanitizer

Keyword 4: water sanitiser

Note: Keyword 4 above caters for different spelling of the word sanitizer.

Also note that we did not add the keyword “water” on its own. This will result in many false clients/sales coming to our site. We don’t want to pay for sales based on only the keyword “water”.

For extensive help on the Google Adwords product, visit: