Stop hiring amateurs to manage your website

amateur web designer

Stop hiring amateurs to manage your website.

Need a web designer that understands design and SEO?

amateur web designer

It's hard to find good help out there in this lovely web design industry of ours. I don't blame anyone who has fallen prey to the so called experts that promise you the world and deliver nothing. The web design industry has been plagued by many new experts that will build your website for as little as R500. These experts are sometimes in the form of  your friend's, cousin or even worse, a web design company that started yesterday and claims it will get you on the first page of Google in a week. We get many requests to upgrade websites, but to tell you the truth, very few of these are successful and in most cases, we need to build the website from scratch - It's like being asked to upgrade an old car from the 90's and panel beat it until it performs. Its just not possible!

If you are looking for an honest web design company that hides nothing from you, why not try our services?