How To Create a Website

How to create a website

Web designer creating website

Create your own website today. We will show you how in 2 easy steps.

There are so many solutions on the internet today that assist you in building your own website. Picking the right solution has become ever more complex due to the demands on website functionality. 

Create your own website now in 2 easy steps

Step 1 - Decide on a domain name

‚ÄčChoosing a domain name can be tricky. We give you some tips to speed this up.

omain name is the name that uniquely identifies your website name on the internet. The domain name of this website is "how-to-create-a-website". Answer these questions to help you decide on your domain name and domain extension:  

Do you serve local customers?

Purchase a domain name with a local extension like for your country (South Africa in this example). If your business operates in the United Kingdom, purchase a domain name with a "" extension. 

Do you serve international customers?

Purchase a domain name with a .com extension. This domain extension is universal and allows you to build a website with an international presence. 

Do you serve local and international customers?

Purchase both a local and international domain name. Build your website on your local domain name and forward your international domain to your local domain (Don't worry about the details at this stage).

Where can I purchase a domain?

I have personally used GoDaddy numerous times and been very happy with their service:

Purchase your domain name now! - If you need assistance, we can purchase a domain name on your behalf.

Step 2 - Decide on the website technology to power your website

There are so many companies that offer website building services - How do you decide on which technology to use?

The Top 3 Website Builders 

When selecting a website builder platform to build your website, you will want to use 1 of the top 3 website builders in the market. WordPress, along with Wix and Weebly are very popular website builders used to create many kinds of websites.

WordPress powers over 78 million sites across the world. It is a content management system (CMS) that is second to none. In 2nd and 3rd place (for open source CMS's) are Joomla and Drupal respectively.

Build your website on a trusted WordPress platform

We take care of all the technical details of WordPress so that you can focus on creating your website content. We have a long standing relationship with many commercial plugin suppliers that allow us to package WordPress for professional commercial use. With out-of-the-box drag and drop, mobile and eCommerce support, our online website builder gives its users flexibility to create any website they can think of. Our page designer allows you to create unique websites in that you drop buttons, images, price tables etc onto a page and style to your liking - The result is a website that looks professional and unique.

Partnering with us means you are never alone

Website backups, virus protection, website restores, domain renewal, email administration and plugin compatibility are just some of the headaches that we take care of for you. Leverage our WordPress platform so you can focus on your business.

  • 30th December 2015