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Cheap Website Designers - Stop hiring amateurs to create and manage your business website.

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amateur web designer

It’s hard to find good web designers out there. Typing “website designer” in Google returns thousands of search results and this makes picking the right web designer for the job a daunting task!

Many businesses looking for a website designer have fallen prey to the so-called experts that promise you the world and deliver nothing. The web design industry has seen a flood of new website designers that will build your website for as little as R500. How do they do this? and more importantly, how do they build a quality website in just 4 hours? - The short answer is, they don’t!

Search engines have evolved into sophisticated hunting machines that trawl the vast landscape of websites looking for the top 10 websites that will be given the privilege of listing on the first page of Google – It’s the evolution of the search engines that has put a much larger demand on the required skills of a web designer and it’s the search engines that continue to demand more relevance and quality from websites. After all, what search engine does not want to display the most relevant website for a given search term?

Many new website designers tend to focus on the website look and feel and, in most cases, so does the client. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the professional web designer will try to find a balance between great design and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques – SEO is a non-negotiable and one of many tools that will ensure your website is in the race towards the first page on Google – Google’s first page holds the coveted gold position we are all after. This position can translate into business leads, new customers and can take your business from zero to hero in a matter of weeks.

If the above makes sense to you, why would you pay a designer to build a cheap website? Why would you enter the race only to be certain of failure?