Back links

Backlinks (links from other web sites to yours) are another method used by a search engine to determine the relevance of your web site to its user base. This is one of the most important methods of increasing traffic to your website.

A search engine will count the number of links coming into your web site and use this information to determine the "importance" and "relevance" of your web site. These links essentially tell the search engine that there are other users interested\talking about your web site.

So how do I go about getting more back links? - This is easy! Type the following search into Google: "free business directory" - This search will reveal a list of many web sites that offer free listings for you to advertise your company website! - Yes, absolutely free!

Create a reusable text description of your company that can be pasted into the business directories that you discover. Some business directories limit the length of your company description (e.g. 255 characters). We recommend creating a short description (255 characters) and a long description +500 characters.

Most directories contain a separate field for you to enter your website link. Make sure you add your home page. e.g. into this link. If there is no field available, incorporate the link in your company description. Repeat this process for every business directory that you find. You need to try and register with at least 20 - 30 business directories! - While this is a tedious process, it will improve your website ranking.

Try the following searches to locate different types of business directories:

  • free business directory
  • business directory
  • keyword related to your website + business directory. E.g. "Water sanitizer" business directory, "Electrician" business directory etc. Doing this will ensure you discover directories related to your target market.
  • my country + business directory. E.g. South African business directory, US business directory, UK business directory etc.
  • You know your business! - Think of other creative keyword searches that may find other business directories.

Tip: Create a table in a Word document that contains the columns "Directory Link", "User & Password" and "Description" to help you keep track of the business directories you are listed on. Keep this in a safe place as you may need to login and renew your listing in months to come.

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