Album & Image Gallery

Album & Image Gallery

Your album gallery has already been setup to display when your web site menu “Gallery” is clicked.


When working with galleries, there are two types: Albums and Galleries. An album can contain multiple image galleries. In the example screen print above, you can see two image galleries (1 & 2) displayed from album 1. In this example, you could add past project photos to Image Gallery 1 and your latest product offerings to Image Gallery 2 – Albums therefore allow you to group a collection of image galleries.

If you don’t need an album with multiple galleries, you can simply add a single image gallery to a page.

Image gallery overview

This overview shows you how to access the main features:


Visual editor – Adding an album and image gallery to a page

When editing a page in the visual page designer, you can simply drag and drop an album (T-GalleryAlbum) or image gallery (T-Gallery) onto the page. See example below:


Note: Sometimes after you drag an image gallery onto a page, the images display vertically and not horizontally as per example above. All you need to do is click the “Save Changes” button, then refresh the entire web page by clicking the refresh button on your web browser – This will then correct the display of the images.