Add Shopping Cart Products

Add Shopping Cart Products

To add a new product to your shop, click the “Add Product” menu item:


Important: Don’t click the “Builder” or “Edit with Thrive Content Builder” button which opens the visual page designer – We recommend that you use the editor on the product page for adding your text content and NOT the visual page designer.

The illustration below will indicate the main fields when adding a new product:


Product Image sizes

It is extremely important that you don’t use large images for your products. Large images take a long time to load and can significantly slow down your website and frustrate your visitors. Try keep your “Featured Image” size to 250×250 pixels. You can Read this guide for assistance with image sizes:

Adding multiple product images (Gallery) – These images can be larger than 250px

If you insert a gallery (to display additional product images), these can be larger images as they only load when you click on a product.

You can create a gallery in the editor to display other images of your product. To do this, click the “Add Media” button: